After an extensive consultation process, the Mindfulness Initiative's Co-leads for education policy, Professor Katherine and Adrian Bethune, have analysed the challenges and opportunities facing mindfulness in education and identified a strong need for a trusted and commercially-neutral source of quality advice for grassroots champions of mindfulness in education, most urgently in schools. And we need your help to design and produce it.

The document will help those involved to understand the evidence base and make the case to their colleagues and other stakeholders. It will also give outline guidance, based on both research evidence and the consensus on good practice, on planning, staff development, programme development and the implementation of mindfulness in classrooms, staffrooms and across the school and its community.

The Mindfulness Initiative's 'Building the Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace' document has played a similar role for those wishing to bring mindfulness to their colleagues since 2016, and has become a landmark publication for the field that's been downloaded over 40,000 times. We hope to provide similar value to the education sector, empowering thousands of people to improve the lives of millions.

We need to raise funds for the design and production of what we hope will become another seminal publication from the Mindfulness Initiative. Please support this work to whatever extent you are able, every little will help.

For more details on how Katherine and Adrian identified this urgent priority, read their strategy document