Mindfulness: Developing Agency in Urgent Times

In September 2020 we launched a new discussion paper that frames mindfulness as one element in an ecosystem of psychological development and intentional action that is crucial for meeting the existential challenges of our times. This publication was intended to start a dialogue, and in order to facilitate the next phase of discourse we are now calling for written responses to it. We will then ask a selection of those who contribute if they would like to write a short essay to be published as part of a collection.  

If you would like to write an essay for the collection, please fill in this form with a summary of up to 500 words of your reflections, critique, proposal or idea. Or alternatively please answer the questions from the form in a Word document and email it to us at [email protected].

We intend to select essays that cover a range of different views and areas of interest. Although we welcome critique, we invite you to be constructive in tone. And though you may have reflections on everything the original paper covers, we would would ideally like responses to focus on one particular idea or issue and explore that as thoroughly as possible within the limit. Please feel free to submit multiple proposals on different topics, within reason. The maximum length of the published essays will generally be 1,100 words.

The deadline for essay proposals is Monday December 7th

In order to support a diversity of voices we are hoping to offer financial help to those who are not already provided for by an institution or their professional role. Please indicate on your form whether you'd like this support in order to contribute an essay.