To introduce and celebrate the publication of a new practical and free resource for innovators in the growing field of mindfulness training, an online event convened a panel of leading pioneers to speak from personal experience about the challenges faced in their creative endeavours and some of the ways that these were tackled.


  • Richard Burnett - Co-founder of Mindfulness in Schools Project
  • Vidyamala Burch - Founder of Breathworks
  • Jessica Morey - Executive Director of iBme
  • Mari Thorman - Chair of [email protected] network


  • Jamie Bristow - Director of The Mindfulness Initiative
  • Menka Sanghvi - Project Lead for the Fieldbook for Mindfulness Innovators

Event Timings

00:00-00:09 - Jamie Bristow - reasons behind the project

00:09-00:20 - Menka Sangvhi - introducing the Fieldbook

00:20-00:35 - Mari Thorman - [email protected]

00:35-00:45 - Richard Burnett - Mindfulness in Schools Project

00:45-00:55 - Vidyamala Burch - Breathworks

00:55-01:08 - Jessica Morey - iBme

01:08-0127 - Further Q&A