Social Media Volunteers

An opportunity to help with managing content on The Mindfulness Initiative's Social Media Platforms, and to raise awareness of the work that we do.

We are looking for 1 -2 people to help The Mindfulness Initiative with managing content on its social media platforms.

In this role you would help the Executive Team:

  • Establish and/or maintain our active social media accounts
  • Help create engaging content for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 
  • Keep up to date with our campaigns and create content across our different channels
  • Come up with innovative ideas for increasing engagement and spreading the message about what we do
  • Identify target audiences to ensure our audience is as inclusive as possible
  • Help create some content (such as our 'Mindfulness in the News' summaries) for use in our newsletters.

The role will be working from home/remote working.

What we would need from you:

  • Around 1-2 hours of your time each week
  • An interest in mindfulness, and in the policy work of The Mindfulness Initiative
  • Experience of using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • A minimum 3-month time commitment
  • Good written communication skills, with attention to detail
  • An ability to deal in a professional and ethical manner when communicating online
  • Access to adequate IT facilities, and a good internet connection

What you can expect from us:

  • Onboarding 
  • Ongoing catch ups, training and support throughout your volunteering
  • Exposure to our work and what we are about
  • Attendance at any MI meetings throughout the year that involve the wider team
  • Flexibility in terms of when you need to be available.

If you would like to volunteer for this position, please email [email protected] with:

- your contact details

- a copy of your CV

- A couple of paragraphs on why would like to volunteer for this position and what you feel you would bring to it

- an example tweet and/or LinkedIn post announcing the publication of The Mindfulness Initiative's Reconnection report, and

- the name, position and contact details of a suitable referee

If you can, please also fill out this EDI monitoring form so that we can ensure we are reaching as many people as possible with information about opportunities to work with us. This form can be sent separately to [email protected] Alternatively, if you send it with your application, it will be separated out from your application before it is reviewed.

Thank you very much for your time and considering supporting us with our work in this way.