In February 2020, we launched the Mindful Workplace Community, a membership network of workplace mindfulness champions and trainers, at an event hosted by HSBC at their London HQ. It was a very thought-provoking morning with impressive and passionate presentations from both Mari Thorman (Chief Enterprise Business Architect and Chair of [email protected] Network) and Matt Champion (Customer Innovation Director and Global [email protected]). 

Andrew McNeill (Mindfulness Initiative workplace policy lead) wrote:

"The event was rich with insight, interest and enthusiasm. The Mindful Workplace Community will enable advocates of mindfulness in the workplace to learn from and support each other. I would encourage others to join to add their voice and experience."

Former Civil Service Director Andrew McNeill worked with fellow consultant Theresa Dzendrowskyj to shape the launch of the community and its growth into an established international forum for people to share, grow and learn from each about implementing mindfulness training in the workplace.

Wherever you are in the world, you can join to build connections, share insights and access curated resources. Paid membership will support a growing schedule of online events and connection opportunities. Wherever there is a geographical critical mass of members, we will also be working with local partners to offer in-person salon events and other networking meet-ups.

MWC Member Testimonials

"For any organisation interested in developing or expanding the uptake of mindfulness to increase effectiveness, this is the go-to community!"

"(The Community) is a hugely creative space where you can either validate the work you are already doing in your organisation with mindfulness or enhance it by drawing from the ideas of others."

Only a few weeks after launch the community building strategy had to pivot significantly, and all events moved online. This has proven a great success, opening the activity up to a truly global audience. Regular seminars have featured inspiring keynote speakers who have included authors, corporate executives, leading researchers, partners at law firms, eminent psychiatrists, and mindfulness trainers, all connected by their shared interest in mindfulness and the potential it has to transform how we live and work.

Highlights of MWC speaker events include:

  • The Attention Economy - A mindfulness rebellion - where psychiatrist Dr. Florian Ruths and writer and consultant, Dan Nixon spoke about how we can take back control of our attention from mass consumerism. 
  • The Importance of Mindful Leadership - , Michael Von der Geest (CEO, EY Seren) and Amanda Hart, (EY Mindfulness Champion) spoke about the importance of mindful leadership and demonstrating the value of a mindfulness programme during economic downturns.  
  • How mindfulness can help organisations face challenge and crisis - Matt Champion, (Customer Innovation Director and Global Mindfulness Trainer at SAP), and Axel Jutte (SAP Global Mindfulness), talked about the role mindfulness can play in helping organisations to confront challenges.
  • The regular ‘World Cafe’ events - where the MWC offers a space for members to share and discuss particular workplace challenges or themes they are interested in.  

All of the MWC’s webinars are available for members to re-watch online. We have also developed a range of community resources to support introducing mindfulness into organisations. Our 2021 webinar schedule is shaping up to be just as exciting as 2020, with experts on health, finance, and international diplomacy already set to deliver talks, in addition to thought leaders and pioneers from the mindfulness world.

Find out more about MWC and how to become a member here.