What would happen if the complex, urgent challenges of our time were met compassionately, at the level of the human heart and mind?

As the world’s first policy institute dedicated to mindfulness and compassion training, we have broken extraordinary new ground in a short time. From increased access to MBCT within the NHS, to politicians embracing new ways to reflect and enquire - making mindfulness a matter of policy and inspiring legislators across the world to do the same.

As this young field develops, we advocate for improved access, evidence and best practice, supporting ever-deeper understanding and the highest standards of teaching. We want mindfulness training at its best to become part of the foundation for a flourishing society.

We’re a not-for-profit, and none of our work would be possible without donations from visionary individuals who share our hopes for the world.

If you are seeking a meaningful way to contribute to genuine, much-needed change, please support our work with a donation.