We believe that capacities of heart and mind can and should be central to public policy making. 

Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group


Author: Liz Bassett

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Author: Liz Bassett

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Author: Liz Bassett

Our impact


UK parliamentarians have trained in mindfulness and are now practicing in Westminster


National parliaments have begun mindfulness programmes inspired and supported by our work


Politicians from across the world attended our first ever Global congress of mindful legislators in 2017

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Latest publications

  • Mindfulness: Developing Agency in Urgent Times

    Multiple interconnected crises call for skilful response on a global scale - but our capacity for intentional action in our collective best interest is underdeveloped and increasingly undermined. This paper opens a dialogue on the contribution of evidence-based mindfulness training to individual and collective agency. Read more

  • Mindfulness for Home, Work, and in Our Communities

    **UPDATED AUGUST 2021** A curated list of free mindfulness practice resources. Read more

  • Mindful Nation UK report (and translations)

    The first policy document of its kind, investigating the potential for mindfulness-based interventions across various domains of public policy. Published on behalf of the UK Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group. Read more