Be an advocate for mindfulness: write to your MP

Together we’re working to move mindfulness up the political agenda – and it’s working. Your action can make an incredible difference.

If you’d like to advocate for mindfulness in a particular context, whether in schools, hospitals or elsewhere, we’d strongly encourage you to write to your MP and request a meeting.

Face-to-face meetings are a powerful way to bring political attention to grassroots issues. If you run a mindfulness programme within public services, you could even consider inviting your MP to observe a session. A number of MPs took up personal mindfulness practice after observing training in schools.

In February 2019 The Prime Minister responded positively to MAPPG Co-Chair Chris Ruane’s question on mindfulness at Prime Minister's Questions – to audible cross-party support. Recounting a discussion with a constituent on the subject of mindfulness, the Prime Minister Theresa May welcomed the Mindful Nation report and congratulated the MAPPG, demonstrating awareness of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. Mrs May’s comments highlight the real power of constituency meetings.