Mindfulness in Society - Virtual Speaker Series

In part 3 of this speaker series, Jamie Bristow will be sharing a talked titled Mindfulness: Meeting the Existential Challenges of the 21st Century. Jamie will explore how mindfulness can help us reclaim and reorient attention towards what matters, reflect more wisely, and act from a place of collective purpose. Read more

International Conference on Mindfulness 2021

MI Director, Jamie Bristow, will be delivering a keynote session exploring a new narrative account of why mindfulness may fundamentally underpin a host of critical positive behaviours and outcomes at individual and societal levels. Read more

The Institute for Integral Studies: Online Colloquium

Online Colloquium No° 43: Mindfulness and Politics How might mindfulness help us heal our politics and meet the existential crises of the 21st Century? Read more

Mindfulness event for the European Parliament - Online Event

At the end of last year, the Mindfulness Initiative was delighted to take part in the first ever mindfulness inquiry event for the European Parliament. Hosted by The European School of Administration, and facilitated by Jeroen Janss from the Inner Green Deal Initiative, the event was the first of its kind, connected MEPS with experts in the mindfulness field to explore the role of mindfulness in address health, politics and the climate change crisis. Read more

Contemplative Science Symposium - October 2019

The Mindfulness Initiative is partnering with Mind & Life Europe to curate a conference theme on contemplative practice & politics Read more

Online Mindfulness@Work Summit - June 2019

On June 17th Mindfulness Initiative Director Jamie Bristow will contribute to the 2019 online Mindfulness@Work summit Read more

Mindfulness, Ageing Well and Older People

The Mindfulness APPG convened on 14th May 2019 to discuss the role of mindfulness in supporting our older population. Read more