"An incredibly useful piece of work. It is authoritative, clear, comprehensive and really practical. It will guide the development of mindfulness in education for years to come." @GuyClaxton – Honorary Professor, University of Bristol

The Mindfulness Initiative's latest publication in the field of education is a comprehensive guide written by MI education policy co-leads Professor Katherine Weare and Adrian Bethune after extensive consultation with an expert steering group.

Graphic of the education document

The guide aims to be a key resource for all teachers, educators and SLT members interested in implementing mindfulness within their schools. It covers what mindfulness is (including the neuroscience behind it), the evidence-base and the outcomes of mindfulness in schools for both students and teachers, and the key practical considerations around successfully implementing an ethical and sustainable mindfulness programme within a school setting.

"Deep bow of appreciation for the incredible (elegant and balanced) work of the Mindfulness Initiative." - Jon Kabat-Zinn

"A comprehensive, accessible and inspiring ‘must read’ guide for all schools on a mindfulness journey." Amanda Bailey – Executive Director: Finance & Operations Star Academies

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You can watch the recording of the launch event here:

[Latest version 1.2 released March 2024]

Writing: Katherine Weare & Adrian Bethune

Editing: Jamie Bristow & Ruth Ormston