With the Contemplative Science Symposium “BEYOND CONFINES – Integrating Science, Consciousness and Society”, Mind & Life Europe will bring together diverse disciplines and traditions of knowledge in order to support the growing community of contemplative scientists, invite new audiences and change-makers and encourage personal engagement in the issues an intercultural, interdisciplinary approach makes visible.

The Contemplative Science Symposium will address new approaches in the fields of:

* Politics
* Education
* Nutrition
* Neuro- and cognitive science
* Philosophy
* Economics

The Mindfulness Initiative is partnering with Mind & Life Europe to curate a conference theme around the field of politics. Chris Ruane MP, Dutch MP Esther Ouwehand, MI Director Jamie Bristow and Director of the Open Society Foundation Policy Institute Heather Grabbe will make a number of contributions over the weekend.

Booking for this event has now closed.