The Power of Mindfulness in a Time of Upheaval: Deepening Practices for Cultivating Presence, Healing and Empowerment Together

Jamie Bristow, the Mindfulness Initiative's Director will be participating in this closed poc space for healing and coming together alongside Rhonda Magee, Eugene Ellis, William Fley, and others.

More About The Event:

Online Global Event - Friday July 2nd - Sunday July 4th 2021

Key Terms: Racial Justice, anti-racism, ethics, Global Mindfulness Movement, triumph over adversity, diversity and inclusion 

Hosted By William Fley - Founder and director of MNPC, & Abi Osho of Soul Melanin

After hosting the world's first online global POC retreat in June 2020 with over 15 countries around the world taking part, MNPC is now becoming a global brand. MNPC hosts monthly events, has formed a collaboration with Breathworks, and is curating an event with Mindfulness Initiative and hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on mindfulness at Parliament. 

Join the MNPC as they create an inclusive community of practice for deepening our work ahead together. This event will be a closed, safe space, for people of colour to come together, heal, and be empowered. 

Last year was a pivotal year for black mental health.  During this retreat the MNPC want to explore how mindfulness can develop and support people of colour, who are currently under-represented in mindfulness groups, workshops and training pathways yet who are more likely to experience cumulative stressful events such as marginalisation, poverty and limited access to resources which directly impact individuals, families and communities. The value, concepts and adaptability of mindfulness are yet to make an impact on marginalised communities and we want to bring about change.

Booking for this event has now closed.