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Facts and figures: organising your content

Although you can provide downloadable PDFs of impact reports here, you should present the most relevant, exciting results directly in the post, too.

Content tips

This is a great opportunity to show off: don’t be shy about celebrating your achievements. Infographics deliver statistics in a direct, engaging way, but remember to make sure any text they use is large enough to be read on mobile devices (and don’t forget to add ‘alternative text’ for screen-readers and search engines when adding the image).

Statistics should be:

  • relevant (to supporters and your organisational goals),
  • contextualised (is the number per day, per month or per year?), and
  • impressive (identify the most powerful way to present your numbers).

Calls-to-action can lead directly from the facts and figures you present: encourage users to help you have even more impact.

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