The success of the mindfulness training and public policy program in the UK Parliament has now inspired similar initiatives in other legislatures, and the Mindfulness Initiative has been called upon to support politicians and advocates across the world. We now provide advice and support to those working in the political systems of 45+ countries, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden and Sri Lanka.

In October 2017, The Mindfulness Initiative helped the UK Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group to host an historic gathering of politicians from different countries to practice mindfulness and inquire into its implications for public policy and the political process itself. This first 'International Mindfulness Congress', was led by Prof Jon Kabat-Zinn and attended by 40 politicians from 14 countries.

The Mindfulness Initiative convenes a global 'network of networks', linking together the legislators and advocates who are establishing mindfulness training programmes in their political systems. Many countries now have established expert groups like The Mindfulness Initiative in the UK, whilst others are represented in the interim by individuals or organisations who are working to establish a mindfulness training course for their political leaders. The formalised groups in this network include: