Our programme of work on Climate Youth Resilience explores the global landscape of young people working in the arena of climate change. 

Through surveys and in-depth interviews with climate organisations and resilience initiatives around the world, it has established the value of inner resilience practices in this context. The practices are not limited to mindfulness, but range widely, and the learning from the research is captured in a new report, Weaving Communities of Inner-Led Change.

Accompanied by a map of the contributing organisations, the report marks the close of the first phase of work. In the second phase, Dr Cathy-Mae Karelse and her team will further develop the international network and work collaboratively to create resilience resources specific to local contexts.

The full report, as well as a summary of findings, can be found on the Climate Youth Resilience page of our website, along with progress updates, resources, and links to the flourishing CYR community.