Sessions in mindfulness are being offered in the Australian Parliament, in a pilot programme of ‘Peace in a Frantic World’.

Against a background of resolute advocacy, seminars and presentations by members of the Australian Expert Panel on Mindfulness and visitors such as Chris Ruane, a major review of the Parliamentary workplace and the health and wellbeing of Parliamentarians and staff opened the way for trialling the programme.

It is said that ‘timing is everything in politics’ and this was the case in Australia. A letter from the UK Speaker of the House of Commons to his Australian counterpart about the impact of the Mindfulness Initiative in the UK Parliament came at the right moment to help build traction.

Members of the Expert Panel include Dr Lynne Reeder and Peter Yuile - who jointly represent Australia at the MI Global Network - as well as Professor Craig Hassed and Elizabeth Granger.

Classes are underway, with both Parliamentarians and Staffers taking part.