Jamie Bristow, MI Co-Director, was interviewed by Wendy Hasenkamp for the podcast of the Mind & Life Institute recently. Their fascinating discussion covered Jamie's personal journey in meditation, the policy advances the Mindfulness Initiative has seen in its 8-year history, and how mindfulness can be seen as a foundational capacity.

In the recording, which is available here, Wendy and Jamie go on to talk about how the mind relates to the climate crisis, the consequences of our failure to see the interconnectedness in the world, and how mindfulness and compassion can help with reconnection.

The Mind & Life Institute specialises in bringing science and contemplative wisdom together, to better understand the mind and to create positive change in the world.

As Wendy puts it, "these issues are so critical in the world, and core to our perspective at Mind & Life; Jamie speaks very clearly about them, and this feels like a really important episode in our series."