In April of 2023, the Mindfulness Initiative held an interactive workshop and fundraiser, looking at the question "how can mindfulness and compassion help us to address bigger-than-self concerns?"

Taking a deep dive into the role of mindfulness and compassion in meeting the world’s most pressing problems, it was an opportunity to join us in exploring the thinking, strategies and inspiration behind our advocacy of inner work in public life, and at the same time support our core activities in this area.

Highlights included talks from Mark Williams, Vidyamala Burch, Jamie Bristow and Ruth Ormston, followed by engaging discussions and reflections expertly guided by our DEI policy offer, Cathy-May Karelse.

Some of the words used by participants to describe the session are shown in the word-cloud image below. We are hugely thankful to all the participants for their time and contributions.

wordcloud: inspiring relevant needed inclusive thought-provoking encouraging grounded thoughtful open-hearted challenging interesting positive connecting spacious insightful compassionate engaging informative