Mindfulness Initiative Co-Director, Ruth Ormston and International lead Chris Ruane, were honoured to both speak at the VIII International Mindfulness Congress in São Paolo in October, speaking on mindfulness in public health, politics and sustainability. 

Ruth and Chris also met with Brazilian senator Tabata Amaral and presented the MI's latest policy report Reconnection: Meeting the Climate Crisis Inside Out and discuss the potential for mindfulness within Brazilian politics. Chris then went on to the Uruguayan Parliament to meet with Senator Raul Batlle and clinical psychologist Bea Batlle, as well as Alicia Barbanie from the Ministry of National Defence. From there he travelled to Chile, where he met the Minister for Health, Ximena Aguilera. He presented to business leaders, engaged with former President of the Senate Chamber, Guido Girardi, and to appear on CNN's Sana Mente, interviewed by Paloma Ávila.

We are grateful to everyone who makes these discussions possible, enabling us to share learning and best practice with our international partners. 
Ruth and Chris present Brazilian MP Tabata Amaral with a copy of   Chris Ruane sits at a table with Alejandra Larrain, Minister Ximena Aguilera, Gill Roberts, and Bruno Solari  - Chile
  Alicia Barbanie from the Uruguayan Ministry of Defence, sits with Chris Ruane  Carmen Paz Molina Quiroz, Chris Ruane, and Bruno Solari sit behind a laptop ready to present to Chilean business leaders  Chris Ruane appears on CNN programme Sana Mente, with interviewer Paloma Avila