In Brazil, meditative and contemplative practices are already part of the PICs (Complementary and Integrative Medicine and Practices) national policy of the country's national health system (SUS), similar to the NHS in the United Kingdom, which allows mindfulness-based practices and programs to be officially incorporated into public policies in the country, in the context of health, education, work environment or public safety. On the other hand, the implementation process is just beginning, and they still have a way forward in
order to make it sustainable.

Inspired by the progress of the United Kingdom and other countries and with the support of the Mindfulness Initiative, since 2011 the Brazilian Center for Mindfulness and Health Promotion has been advocating for the implementation of mindfulness in public health, education and public safety policies, disseminating up-to-date scientific evidence about its benefits, evaluating its impact through research projects, producing accessible and relevant informative content for the general population, and promoting the training of hundreds of highly qualified mindfulness instructors throughout the country.

Approximately 50 studies on the subject have already been conducted, aiming to offer scientific basis on the benefits of mindfulness for quality of life and promotion of physical and mental health. They also widely disseminated the first Brazilian Mindfulness protocol, the MBHP - Mindfulness Based Health Promotion, focused on Health Promotion and Quality of Life, with the goal of developing autonomy and self-efficacy in health through the regular practice of mindfulness.

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