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Since 2016, the Canadian Mindfulness Advisory Group has facilitated mindfulness programs and speaker events to Canadian Members of Parliament, House Officers and staff within the Federal Government. The Mindfulness Advisory Group (MAG) is an independent body supporting the selection and standardisation of mindfulness training for Canadian Members of Parliament and Civil Servants. The Group takes guidance from leaders in the field of mindfulness, especially Mindful Nation UK, Canadian mindfulness leaders, and other groups and organisations delivering evidence-based secular mindfulness training within governmental settings around the world.

Mindfulness session in Canadian ParliamentMindfulness session in Canadian ParliamentMindfulness session in Canadian Parliament

In May 2021, they launched daily mindfulness sessions in both English and French. In July, they started offering the same 6-week Finding Peace in a Frantic World mindfulness course being taught in the UK parliament in both English and French in July at the Canadian House of Commons.


Mindfulness event in Canadian Parliament  Mindfulness gathering in Canadian Parliament


You can find out more about the Canadian Mindfulness Advisory Group here: www.mindfulnessadvisory.ca