APPG Event: Neurobiology of Social Connectedness

'Father of Polyvagal Theory', Dr Stephen Porges, and leading expert on oxytocin (the 'cuddle hormone'), Dr Sue Carter, speak about how mindfulness and yoga could help us to live well together Read more

Mindfulness on BBC Radio 4 Westminster Hour

UK Members of Parliament Caroline Lucas, Desmond Swayne and Chris Ruane speak on BBC Radio 4 about how mindfulness supports their work Read more

APPG Event: Ageing Well and Older People

The Mindfulness APPG hearing Ageing Well and Older People took place in Westminster on 14th May 2019. Read more

Professor Katherine Weare leads 'Sustaining our Teachers' mindfulness retreat

The mindfulness for teachers retreat took place at Sharpham House in February 2019. Read more

Awareness and Interpersonal Neurobiology: Insights for Leadership and Education

It was standing room only for Professor Dan Siegel's talk in Westminster on 6th February 2019, hosted by the mindfulness APPG. Read more

Is mindfulness a 'foundational capacity' for a flourishing society?

Dan Nixon presents at SOAS Mindfulness in Public Discourse event, 8th December 2018. Read more

Mindfulness in our armed forces and blue light services?

The Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group hearing: Armed Forces, Policing and Emergency Services, Westminster, 25th October 2018. Read more

Mindfulness in our schools?

Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group, Education Event, Westminster, 5th June 2018. Read more

Scandinavian Tour - March 2018

Jamie Bristow and Chris Ruane MP delivered mindfulness classes in the Parliaments of Estonia, Finland, and Sweden in March 2018. Read more

Sri Lanka takes up secular mindfulness

Jamie Bristow gave the keynote at the Global Mindfulness Summit in Sri Lanka presented to President Maithripala Sirisena and spoke on national TV. Read more

Mindfulness in Politics Day - Westminster

40 politicians from 14 countries practised mindfulness together, guided by Jon Kabat-Zinn, at the Mindfulness in Politics Day in October 2017. Read more

Mindfulness an important aid in policy-making

145 MPs now signed up to the eight-week course on mindfulness in Westminster. Read more

Close your eyes and breathe

Schools sign up to mindfulness, with more than 4,000 teachers qualified to combat pupil stress. Read more