New NICE guidelines on depression include mindfulness as a treatment for less severe depression

In NICE’s new guidelines on the management and treatment of depression in adults, mindfulness features in a menu of alternative psychological and psychosocial alternatives to antidepressants to be offered to people experiencing a new episode of ‘less severe depression’, with mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) being presented as an exemplar within the mindfulness and meditation class. Read more

Q&A Event for the Innovation in Mindfulness Awards

The Mindfulness Initiative and the Hart Knowe Trust have launched the Innovation in Mindfulness Awards, intended to celebrate the important creative work being done by innovators in the mindfulness sector to make mindfulness training more efficient, diverse, inclusive and beneficial. Read more

What others are saying about 'Implementing Mindfulness in Schools: An Evidence-Based Guide'

Read bout the feedback we have received from key figures in education and beyond on our most recent publication on mindfulness in schools. Read more

Mindfulness & anti-racism resources

The Mindfulness Initiative has curated a list of resources on mindfulness & anti-racism to support practitioners in their inquiry in this area. Read more

'Time to Evolve': Ruby Wax and Jamie Bristow chat on new Healthflix platform

Does the climate crisis call for us to stop, or creatively advance? Does the Coronavirus crisis present an opportunity for both? Comedian and author Ruby Wax joins mindfulness in politics expert Jamie Bristow, to discuss how transformative practices can underpin systemic shifts. Read more

Quote in Guardian about mindfulness training for frontline public sector workers

MI Director Jamie Bristow was asked to comment by The Guardian newspaper on the success of mindfulness programme trials in the UK police force. These results are great news for service commissioners seeking to fund training for frontline public services. Read more

Time for new thinking about mindfulness and social change

In a recent article published by openDemocracy, MI director Jamie Bristow proposes that inner work alone won’t bring collective evolution, but we can’t build better systems without developing hearts and minds. Read more